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Term Definition
Smooth muscles




Somatic mosaicism

in DM1, the presence of different numbers of CTG repeats (the abnormality) found in different organs and systems within the same person; in DM2, the presence of different numbers


an image created by ultrasound obtained by a computerized instrument; it can reveal internal parts of the body, such as thyroid gland or fetus in utero

Steinert’s disease

the first name given to myotonic dystrophy when it was identified as a disease by Dr. Hans Steinert of Germany in 1909


inability of one eye to attain binocular vision with the other because of imbalance of the muscles of the eyeball--called also heterotropia, squint.

Sudden heart block

a condition of the heart in which the passage of an electrical impulse is arrested, wholly or in part, temporarily or permanently

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