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implanted feeding tube to supply sustenance when person is unable to safely swallow on his own impotence


manner of walking


a doctor focusing on the function and disorders of the stomach, intestines and assorted organs that are


a functional unit of heredity (like eye and hair color, height, among many other characteristics including inherited diseases) that occupies a specific place on a chromosome; it is capable of reproducing itself at each cell division and directs the formation of an enzyme or protein


of or pertaining to genes; inherited

Genetic counseling

a meeting with a medical professional, often a geneticist, to learn how a possible inherited disease can affect you, and how you can choose to avoid passing it to your offspring if you so choose

Genomic background

referring to the complete set of genes inherited from one's parents


the sum total of the genetic material transmitted from a person's parents

GI tract

bodily system referring to the stomach, intestines and related organs

Gonadal (or testicular) atrophy in men

a medical condition in which the male reproductive organs (the testes) diminish in size and

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