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Cardiac conduction

the electrical impulses that cause the heart to beat


damage to the heart muscle that decreases its ability to pump blood effectively


substance that is harmful to the heart


a film that can form in the eye and cause complete or partial opacity of the ocular lens, or blurry vision


the abbreviation for “cytosine, cytosine, thymidine, guanine”, the chemicals in the DNA that cause myotonic dystrophy type-2 (on chromosome 3) when they are created in repeats greater than the normal number

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)

a method of prenatal diagnosis at around 10 weeks into the pregnancy; a biopsy in which a piece of membrane around the embryo is removed using a needle through the abdomen or vagina; results in 1-2 weeks


one of the bodies (normally 23 pairs) located in the nucleus of a cell that hosts the genes


(example: propulsid) a prokinetic drug that should be avoided by individuals with myotonic dystrophy

Club foot

an inversion of the foot in which only the outer side of the sole touches the ground; also called talipes equinovarus


abbreviaton for central nervous system; brain

Cognitive problems

difficulties with thinking, learning and memory

Conduction defects

problems with the electrical impulses that regulate the heart beat


present at birth


permanent tightening of muscles causing abnormal joint rigidity


acronym for continuous positive airway pressure; a device that delivers air to the nose for easier breathing; often used at night for those with sleep apnea

Creatine Kinase (CK) levels

an important enzyme in muscle contraction


the abbreviation for

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