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Term Definition

an implanted heart device to correct a very slow or irregular heart beat

PCR - polymerase chain reaction

a procedure that produces millions of


around the time of surgery


abbreviation for preimplantation genetic diagnosis achieved through in vitro fertilization where analysis of embryos is done prior to being implanted by a doctor into the uterus of a woman


the upper expanded portion of the digestive tube, between the esophagus below the mouth and nasal cavities above and in front


the observable signs, symptoms and other aspects of a person's outward appearance and behavior


Pediatric intensive care unit


benign skin tumors under the skin; associated with hair follicles


organ formed inside the lining of the womb that provides nourishment for fetus and elimination of its waste products

Placenta accreta

condition in pregnancy in which the

Placenta previa

condition in pregnancy in which the


excessive amniotic fluid build-up during pregnancy

Postoperative apnea

absence of breathing after surgery

Postpartum hemorrhage

heavy bleeding from the birth canal after vaginal delivery of a baby


the presence of slightly more than the normal number of nucleotide repeats in the genetic mutation, e.g. in DM1, somewhere between 38 and 50; CTG repeats;

Prenatal diagnosis

a process of determining whether a child in the womb has a specific inherited disorder


forecast of the probable course


abbreviation for proximal myotonic myopathy or DM2


in medicine, it refers to a part of the body that is nearest to the trunk of the body, such as thighs and upper arms


droopy eye-lids due to muscle atrophy

Pulse oximetry

a test to measure oxygen levels in the blood

Respiratory function test

a test that measures the amount of air a person can blow out

Smooth muscles




Somatic mosaicism

in DM1, the presence of different numbers of CTG repeats (the abnormality) found in different organs and systems within the same person; in DM2, the presence of different numbers


an image created by ultrasound obtained by a computerized instrument; it can reveal internal parts of the body, such as thyroid gland or fetus in utero

Steinert’s disease

the first name given to myotonic dystrophy when it was identified as a disease by Dr. Hans Steinert of Germany in 1909


inability of one eye to attain binocular vision with the other because of imbalance of the muscles of the eyeball--called also heterotropia, squint.

Sudden heart block

a condition of the heart in which the passage of an electrical impulse is arrested, wholly or in part, temporarily or permanently


very rapid heart beats

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