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Term Definition
GI tract

bodily system referring to the stomach, intestines and related organs

Gonadal (or testicular) atrophy in men

a medical condition in which the male reproductive organs (the testes) diminish in size and

Haplotype analysis

molecular genetic testing to identify a set of closely linked segments of DNA


inability of one eye to attain binocular vision with the other because of imbalance of the muscles of the eyeball--called also strabismus, squint


excessive amniotic fluid build-up during pregnancy


a greater than normal concentration of potassium ions in the circulating blood


excessive growth of bony tissue


excessive daytime sleepiness


general increase in bulk or a part of an organ


a body temperature significantly below 98.6


low muscle tone causing floppiness, as in a child with the congenital form of myotonic dystrophy

Implanted Cardioconverter Defibrillator (ICD)

a cardiac device implanted in the chest; a combination pace-maker and defibrillator designed to regulate the heart beat, to keep it from beating too fast or too slow

Impulse inhibition

the inability to control one's impulses

In vitro fertilization

eggs are obtained from the female after her ovaries have been stimulated with infertility drugs. While under sedation and with the use of ultrasound guidance, a needle is inserted into the ovaries and eggs are aspirated. These eggs are then fertilized in the laboratory (in-vitro) with the partner's sperm and the developing embryos are cultured from three to six days.

Incentive spirometry

a breathing device to help exercise breathing muscles and help maximize lung capacity

Induction drugs

drugs used to 'knock a patient out' prior to surgery

Insulin resistance

diminished effectiveness of insulin in lowering blood sugar levels

Intercostal muscles

muscles between the ribs


the insertion of a tube into the lungs to provide pulmonary ventilation, or to assist with breathing


a drug used to treat myotonia (delayed muscle relaxation after contraction) in muscle diseases such as myotonic dystrophy and myotonia congenital (brand name is Mexitil)


a drug is used to treat excessive daytime sleepiness (brand name is Provigil)


the power of spontaneous movement

Multisystemic disorder

a disease that can affect many different organs and systems in the body


as used on this website, a change in the normal chemistry of a gene


muscle weakness


the inability of contracted muscles to relax on command; or, a special kind of muscle stiffness


neonatal (new born) intensive care unit


any preparation or derivative of opium


referring to the mouth

Oropharyngeal muscle weakness

reduced strength

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